47 applications submitted to ACT

Huge interest for the ACT call

The due date for submission of pre-proposals to stage 1 was September 12th 2018. A total of 47 applications were submitted from all eleven participating countries (figure 1).

The budget that is available for this Call from each funding agency is shown in Table 1, a total range of €22.05-30.05 million.

The applied funding from the 47 applications is approximately 121 million euros which greatly exceeds the total budget of the Call which is 30.5 million euros. This reveals that there will be a tough competition among all applicants since they request more than four times the available budget (figure 2).

The ACT consortium is very pleased to see such a huge interest for the Call, and especially that all ACT countries are represented in this portfolio of applications.

The applications will be evaluated according to procedures described in the Call text and all applicants will be informed whether or not they qualify to proceed to the second stage (full proposal) no later than November 30th 2018.

The due date for submission of full proposals to stage 2 is March 1st 2019 at 13:00 CET.

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