The ambition of ACT is to facilitate the emergence of CCUS via transnational funding aimed at accelerating and maturing CCUS technology through targeted innovation and research activities.

ACT will be in action for a five year period from 2016 to 2020.

ACT Objectives

ACT is an ERA NET Cofund, which is a tool established by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 programme for research and innovation.

The idea behind ERA NET Cofunds is that European countries should join forces when it comes to funding RD&D and innovation on subjects of high European interest. ACT is one of many ERA NET Cofunds, but ACT is the only ERA NET Cofund addressing CCS.

ACT started in 2016 with only European members but the objective of ACT has changed from an European to an international perspective. From 2018 ACT is open for countries all over the world with interest in CCUS.  

Eleven countries participate in ACT: France, Germany, Greece, the Netherlands, Norway (ACT coordinator), Romania, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, UK, and USA.

ACT national contact points

Questions about ACT can be addressed to the following national contacts:

France: Aïcha El Khamlichi,

Germany:  Wolfgang Körner (PtJ),; Heiko Gerhauser (PtJ),; Annette Weiß (PtJ)

Greece:  Anna Rosenberg (GSRT),

The Netherlands: Gerdi Breembroek (RVO),

Norway:  Ragnhild Rønneberg (RCN),; Aage Stangeland (RCN),; Ingrid Sørum Melaaen (Gassnova),; Tore Hatlen (Gassnova),

Romania:  Nicoleta Dumitrache (UEFISCDI),

Spain:  Severino Falcon Morales (MINECO),; Daniel Ruiz,

Switzerland:  Gunter Siddiqi (DETEC/SFOE),

Turkey:  Ufuk ATAY (TUBITAK), 

United States: Mark Ackiewicz (DOE),; John Litynski,; Darin Damiani, 

United   Kingdom:  Brian Allison (BEIS),; Hannah Lord,


ACT Calls

ACT published the first Call for project proposals in June 2016 with due date for proposals in September 2016. The budget for the first call was € 41.2 million. Eight new Projects started in autumn 2017 with € 41.2 million in financial support from ACT. Read more about the ACT Projects.

A second ACT Call was published 4th June 2018. The budget for the Call was up to € 30 million. Due date for proposals was 12 September 2018. Read more about the New ACT Call

The 2nd call closed with the submission of full proposals on 1 March 2019. Twenty six proposals were received for the second stage of the ACT second call. Read more here

A common decision on funding will be made by the involved funding agencies. The decision will be communicated to the applicants by the Call Secretariat at the Research Council of Norway in the end of June 2019.

The successful proposals are foreseen to start in September 2019.

The ACT Consortium will revisit a potential launch of an Open Call when decisions for funding of proposals submitted for the 2nd call have been made. The ACT Consortium will announce further details during Q2/2019.

There are also plans for an ACT Call in 2020.

 Questions about ACT can be addressed to the ACT coordinator:

Ragnhild Rønneberg, The Research Council of Norway, +47 915 58 662,

ACT is an international initiative to facilitate RD&D and innovation within CO2 capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS). Eleven countries are working together in ACT with the ambition to fund world class RD&D innovation that can lead to safe and cost effective CCUS technology.