New ACT Call out now!

A New ACT Call was published 4 June 2018. This is a great funding opportunity for anyone who has a unique idea for developing CCUS technology.

Eleven countries participate in the new ACT call which has a budget of € 22 - 30 million.  The intention of ACT is to facilitate the emergence of CO2 capture, transport, utilisation and storage (CCUS) by accelerating and maturing technology through targeted financing of innovation and research activities.

The New ACT Call addresses technological, environmental, social and economic challenges required to accelerate CCUS.

The intention is that new projects funded through the new ACT Call will make a significant contribution to establish CCUS as an international climate change mitigation tool.

The following countries participate in the new ACT Call: France, Germany, Greece, the Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom, and USA.

Read more about the new ACT Call.

Download the full Call Text for the new ACT Call.