Upcoming Conferences on CCUS technologies in 2019

Three CCUS conferences are scheduled to be held in 2019.

The Gordon Research Conference series on CCUS technologies will be held from 5-10 May 2019 in Les Diablarets (Switzerland).  CCUS technologies are needed under all climate scenarios projecting towards the end of this century both to mitigate and to counteract climate change. The 5-day conference with a unique and highly intensive format, addresses the question whether scientists and engineers are ready to deliver CCUS for large-scale deployment; revisits challenges and hurdles towards implementation; and identifies technical solutions and scientific breakthroughs needed.

Sessions with an impressive line-up of science and thought leaders address: The Role of CCUS in a 1.5°C World; Enabling Negative Emissions: DACCS and BECCS; Overcoming the Challenges of CO2 Storage; The Personal and Societal Challenges of CO2 Emissions Mitigation; Second Generation CO2 Capture Technologies; The Economic Aspects of CCUS; The Role of CCU; Policy Processes Around CCUS; and Coping with CO2 in the Heat and Power Sector and in Industry.

The Tekna CO2 Conference (information is available only in Norwegian language) will be held from 16-17 January 2019 in Oslo (Norway). The conference focuses on presenting the latest in technology and ongoing research and industrial projects.

The Climit Summit Conference will be held from 26-27 February 2019 in Oslo (Norway). CLIMIT is the national programme for research, development, piloting and demonstration of CO2 capture and storage (CCS) technologies for power generation and other industrial sources.