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Framework for CCS risk sharing and business model selection

The ACT ELEGANCY project, the ALIGN CCUS project, and the Zero Emission Platform (ZEP) will be holding a second joint workshop in the second week of March in Brussels {exact date and venue will be confirmed shortly}.

 The aim of the workshop will be to present and discuss the methodology developed to understand the main components of a CCS business model and a business case at system and sector level, the key factors driving the decisions for these components, and how to allocate responsibility between public and private sector actors for risk mitigation of the major investment risks and barriers identified in the first workshop (which was held in September 2018).This involves looking into who are the actors from the public and private sectors, how collaboration can be fostered between them within a structured framework to understand the major differences in their perspective, and how to find a positive resolution that facilitates the selection of business models and the structuring of business cases.